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Had such an amazing ride tonight. Really starting to look forward to Devon!




sos what is shwung? is there a whole other step that americans don’t even have a word for and that’s why we suck?

Schwung = Impulsion

to the above- schwung is sorta more than impulsion, often it implies swing, flow, relaxation, and impulsion, all in the one word.

general opinion on the german training scale- i don’t disagree with the training scale, nor do i agree with it. i think some elements go together on a lower wrung, but ultimately true collection is at the top.. but things like relaxation/rhythm are necessary to each other. you can’t have contact without schwung (dragging the horse back to your hands instead of guiding it energetically up to your hands is front to back riding).

extensive suppleness (like your horse can be a bit supple, but not supple as in his body could wrap around you like a 90 degree angle if you asked for it -not quite 90 but you know what i’m saying- not that you need to present that much suppleness in most everyday riding) and contact need to be at the top… but everything else at the bottom is sort of wishy washy…. (except relaxation, which has to be the base of training and your partnership with your horse, in my opinion)

not to mention i have seen so many versions of the german training scale, like i’ve seen suppleness be second from the bottom in some? like make up your minds haha

What I’ve always learnt is: Rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness, collection. It’s interesting to see that there are different versions of the German training scale!

As for suppleness being near the bottom/ the top, I’ve always learnt it being near the bottom, because you need suppleness to effectively achieve anything else? If your horse isn’t supple and flexible, cannot bend and flex correctly, yield from your legs etc. how are you going to correctly achieve contact, straightness, impulsion and collection? Will your horse be stiff and resisting due to the fact that it isn’t supple and soft? 

I am in no way an expert about this (at all!!!!) this is just what I have been taught and the scale which has underpinned my dressage education. If anyone has learnt from one of these different training scales I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts, especially about there suppleness shoul be positioned! I love learning from you all :)


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Matisse (imp) / Havidoff 

with my other instructor, Graham Chapple


So CHIO started yesterday and Edward and Hans Peter are doing great! GLOCK’S Voice and GLOCK’S Flirt

Credit to


Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival

Credit to Dutch Horse Photography