Half Halts

Hi, I'm Dana. I'm 18, Australian, a uni student, teacher in training and dressage rider. I'm also the proud mum to my big chestnut boy; my gorgeous WB x TB gelding Cody. I'm always happy to chat, so feel free to message me!








… WTF dude!

I’ve always wanted a theory lesson on one of these haha

I just want to ride one!! I have a friend of a friend who has one…wonder if I can borrow it…

Hang on… People actually own these?! Does she just have it in her house?!

I’ve ridden one a couple of times, it’s so weird haha

Where do you even come across one?! Does it feel like you’re actually riding?

half-halts I go to an international 3 day event every year and one of the stands has one and they give like 15 minute lessons free of charge and you can actually book an hour lesson with them, I think it was at an equine collage. As for feeling like you are riding, yes and no. The paces and aids you gave felt very real and natural, but it was like being on an amazing school master. You didn’t have to get the ‘horse’ working in properly at all which I suppose have you a greater opportunity to concentrate on your seat and movements. The ‘horse’ can extend and collect the paces, leg yield, half pass, pirouette, flying changes, piaffe and passage and some other cool stuff I forgot. They also show you your centre of gravity and how well you are sat on the screen. These only come in dressage simulator and like racing one or something but I’ve heard stuff about a jumping one in production too! I think regular lessons on one alongside obviously normal riding would really help every rider, because you don’t have to worry about what the horse is doing and the focus is 100% on you and I gives you chance to ‘test ride’ higher dressage movements if you’re interested in that.

That is so so so cool! Thanks so much canter-banter for taking the time to explain it to me, I’m seriously so intrigued! If they have one of these at Equitana I am 110% trying it out…!


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